100 Life Goals

After reading 12 Pillars by Chris Widener and Jim Rohn, I was inspired to write out my own 100 life goals that I would like to accomplish by my 40th birthday (March 12, 2027). I'm writing these goals at age 34 on December 24, 2021.

Health & Wellness

1. Work with a personal trainer

2. Hire a meal prep service

3. Complete fitness program and continue healthy lifestyle

4. Complete 10-day smoothie cleanse with no cheating

5. Eat plant-based for 90 days and continue healthy diet

6. Establish and maintain skincare routine


1. Pay off student loan debt

2. Pay off credit card debt

3. Increase credit score to 800+ and maintain it

4. Maintain 6 months of living expenses

5. Save $25,000

6. Save $50,000

7. Save $100,000

8. Save $250,000

9. Save $500,000

10. Save $1M

11. Save $2.5M

12. Pay off parents' mortgages and debt

13. Buy back childhood home in Inglewood, CA

14. Retire parents

15. Buy a single family home

16. Start an art collection

17. Buy luxury bag for mom, sister, and godmother

18. Buy a quality camera for filming

19. Buy a luxury car in my business's name

20. Buy an industrial book printer

21. Buy a multifamily in Palm Springs/Desert

22. Invest in and co-manage a syndication

23. Buy a multifamily in South LA

24. Buy a multifamily out of state

Personal/Professional Development

1. Take an improv class

2. Learn Spanish (intermediate level)

3. Start a podcast

4. Read Who Not How by Dan Sullivan

5. Read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, PhD

6. Pursue doctorate in children's media

7. Read Good in a Room by Stephanie Palmer

8. Work with a high performance coach


1. Visit South Africa

2. Visit Puerto Rico

3. Go on a 7-day cruise to Caribbean islands

4. Visit Seychelles

5. [re]Visit England

6. Visit Ghana

7. Visit Cabo

8. [re]Visit Canada

9. Visit France

10. Visit Atlanta, GA

11. Visit Jerusalem with family (take dad and uncle)

12. Visit Miami, FL


1. Attend a children's media conference

2. Attend Essence's Black Women in Hollywood Brunch

3. Speak on a panel

4. Do a media tour

5. Be paid to deliver a keynote at a university's commencement ceremony

6. Deliver a commencement speech for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy of Girls (OWLAG) and have Preston, parents, sister, and godmother in attendance

7. Be a guest on Oprah Conversations

8. Build a working relationship with Ava DuVernay

9. Go ATVing

10. Become a writer/executive producer for my own show and feature film

11. Be on the cover of a national magazine

12. Be interviewed on a national talk show

13. Be a keynote speaker for a conference

14. Facilitate a workshop for a brand

15. Spend the holidays in a cabin in Big Bear

16. Mentor a college student or young professional

17. Host a private dinner with a chef

18. Deliver a TED Talk

19. Build custom bookshelf/love seat with dad

20. Work with interior designer to design home; especially home office

21. Attend Black Girls Rock! award show

22. Create the OPTION of being a W2 employee vs. a necessity (outside of being a W2 employee for my own company)

23. Be a vendor at Renae Bluitt's Holiday Bazaar


1. Create an online course for current or aspiring authors

2. Generate $100K in revenue in one month

3. Pitch and secure animation deal for "I Am Unique!" with virtual world design

4. Launch my own eyewear line

5. Hire a virtual assistant

6. Build and pay a team of at least 3 people

7. Host an event in partnership with all Black-owned vendors

8. Publish more children's books

9. Partner with a doll manufacturing company

10. Establish an S-Corp

11. Establish creative agency

12. Establish production company

13. Establish real estate investment company

14. Start or be apart of an investment group

15. Own a warehouse and office spaces where people can rent


1. Marry Preston

2. Give birth to a healthy son or daughter

3. Create a Family Trust

4. Host Friendsgiving

5. Host a game night with taco man


1. Donate $5,000 to a single nonprofit

2. Donate $10,000 to a single nonprofit

3. Donate $25,000 to a single nonprofit

4. Donate $50,000 to a single nonprofit

5. Donate $100,000 to a single nonprofit

6. Start a grant/scholarship program for Black female writers

7. Start a literacy program for underserved communities