29 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Most people know that February was Black History Month. It was also International Boost Self-Esteem Month. Every day last month I posted videos on social sharing 29 tips on how you can boost your self-esteem. I’ve compiled it into a 20-min video that you can watch here, or by clicking the image below. 

1. Get an Accountability Partner

The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65% more likely to accomplish a goal if they share their commitment with someone else. When you set a deadline for the goal, and share regular progress updates, you’re 95% more likely to reach that goal. 🤯

So who’s your accountability partner and what are they holding you accountable for?

2. Be mindful of your self-talk

I’m guilty of getting into a negative loop where I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our thoughts shape our beliefs, and what we believe to be true can either make or break our potential.

So, the next time you have an intrusive thought, quickly reverse it into an affirming statement. Repeat it over and over until you believe it.

3. Take a walk in nature 🍃

When was the last time you took a nature walk?

4. Practice gratitude 🙏🏾

What are you grateful for today? Feel free to share below.👇🏾

5. Learn something new 🧗🏾

Make a list of all the things you’ve wanted to learn, but never got around to it.

Whether it’s learning a new language, how to make your own signature scent, or sewing up an ensemble that’s bound to turn heads — there are classes for just about any interest.

What new thing(s) do you want to learn in the next few months? Comment below.👇🏾

6. Give a stranger a compliment

Research shows that engaging in a random act of kindness increases your personal well-being and improves your level of happiness.

Have you given someone a compliment today?

7. Write out what you love about yourself ✍🏾

One of the many things I love about myself is my ability to actualize my visions and ideas.

Your turn! What do you love about yourself? Share below.

8. Seek a therapist

I’m an advocate for going to therapy. They are unbiased, trained professionals who can help you process through things and improve your mental health.

Below are places where you can find a therapist who is skilled in the areas where you need the most support:

👉🏾 @openpathpsychotherapy

👉🏾 @therapyforblackgirls

👉🏾 @psych_today

9. Be mindful of how you’re spending your time and who you’re spending it with

Is the content you’re consuming or the people you spend the most time with in alignment with your goals? Take stock of how you’re spending your time and make the necessary adjustments.

10. Work out 🏋🏾

It’s scientifically proven that working out can improve your mood. It releases endorphins, increases dopamine, and can make your brain more sensitive to JOY.

My favorite ways to work out are by doing 30-mins on the stair master and group fitness classes that focus on strength/resistance training.

11. Celebrate small wins

Incorporate checkpoints between your big, audacious goals to help you keep the momentum going. 💥

12. Eat a balanced diet 🥦

There’s plenty of research out there that links our diet to our mood. I’m not saying we shouldn’t indulge in our guilty pleasures here and there…but we should consider viewing food and fuel for our body and nourishing it with foods that will give us energy vs. depleting it.

13. Stay hydrated 💦

Our bodies need plenty of water for optimal function. A great benchmark is to start drinking half your weight in ounces.

🍋 🥒 🍓 If you don’t like the taste of water, get fancy and make your own infused water with lemons, cucumbers, or a fruit of your choice.

Need more motivation? Get a cute water bottle with the motivational phrases on it to keep you going throughout the day. I got mine from Target. 😆

14. Write a letter to your younger self ✍🏾

What if you had the opportunity to talk to your younger self? Grab a childhood photo and look at it. What would you say to them if they were standing right in front of you? What advice would you give?

Make time for yourself today to write your younger self a love letter. Tell them all about the person they have yet to meet.

15. Write a letter to your future self ✍🏾

Yesterday’s tip was to write a letter to your younger self (if you missed it, scroll back to check it out), now we’re going to talk to your FUTURE self.

I like to do this at the top of the year and write my letter as if it’s already the end of the year. Then, on New Year’s Eve (or day), I go back to read it to see what has come to pass. 🥰

Some people like to do a few years ahead like 5 or 10 years, but the key is to write it as if it has already happened and you’re just reflecting. You’d be surprised at how powerful this exercise is.

16. Start habit-stacking

It’s a term I first learned from James Clear, the author of “Automic Habits.” Pair activities together to increase the chances of you sticking to your habits.

What habits do you stack? Share them in the comments below!

17. Join (or start) a community that is in alignment with your interests and the current season you’re in

If you take away one thing from this clip, remember that you are never alone.

We’re relational beings who NEED community. There are clubs and affinity groups for almost any industry or niche you can think of. Start searching online and join local chapters if they have one.

And if you can’t find a group that fits your needs…that’s your sign to create what you want to see. 😘

18. Try guided meditation

We tend to be constantly on the go and it helps to take a beat, be still, and stay in the present moment. I have found guided meditations on the Calm app (not sponsored) have helped put my racing mind at ease. There are tons of guided meditations on YouTube as well.

Have you tried meditation? How did you like it?

19. Do something you have never done before

It’s easy to get stuck in our routines…this is your sign to switch it up sometimes. 😉

20. Embrace your inner child

Carve some time out of your busy schedule to do something you loved to do when you were younger.

🖍️ One of the things I loved to do was color. It’s so therapeutic.

What’s something you loved doing when you were younger that you’re going to start making time for again?

21. Declutter your work and living space 🧹

Clutter is often perceived as a physical manifestation of how we’re feeling on the inside. This can negatively impact our mood and productivity. Start doing a room or section at a time and put everything in its place. A clear space can help improve your mood and output.

22. Call a Friend and Invite them Somewhere

Texting is my preferred method of communication, but it’s nice to pick up the phone sometimes and call a friend. Invite them somewhere you both enjoy, exchange laughs, and make memories. If you typically don’t reach out to people and wait for them to make the first move, try initiating contact first - I’m sure the person on the other side will appreciate the gesture. 😉

23. Make a list of your abilities and qualities

This was a great tip I heard on an episode of Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast. Make a list of your abilities and qualities. Review the list and say, “I appreciate [insert ability/quality].”

Acknowledging what you appreciate about yourself brings more of that energy into your life. Focusing on the negative or what you don’t appreciate will do the same as well. What you focus on grows. 🌱

24. Strike a [POWER] pose!

Amy Cuddy did a popular Ted Talk around power-posing and its effects. Feeling anxious about an upcoming event or delivering a career-altering presentation? Stand in a power pose for a few minutes leading up to that event. Our body language/posture directly impacts our hormone levels and the way we experience life.

Have you tried power-posing? How did it make you feel afterward?

25. Explore different options of mentorship

I recently sat down with the chairwoman of Women in Toys and shared my experiences and lessons learned while navigating the entertainment industry.

Building your networking muscle and also learning how to be mentored from afar has helped build my confidence both personally and professionally. If you’re interested in watching the full interview, head over to YouTube.

26. SLEEP!

The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Increased depression or sadness can develop with lack of sleep which often contributes to low self-esteem.

A bedtime routine is not just for kids; grown ups need one too! 😉

27. Take yourself out on a date

Treat yourself! Go on a solo date to your favorite restaurant. Go to the movies. Pamper yourself with a facial and massage. You don’t have to wait for someone to plan something for/with you. Enjoy your own company. 🥰

When was the last time you went on a solo date? What did you do?

28. Make a list of your values

We may feel out of whack when we prioritize things that do not align with our values. Take time to assess your list of values and how much time you’re devoting to them a day/week/month etc. It might be time to exercise healthy boundaries to allow more time for the things you care about most.

29. Trust the Process

The journey does not stop here! Remember to trust the process. Transformation does not happen overnight - it’s about taking gradual steps each day. Go back to the videos in this series and task yourself with taking action in pursuit of the best version of YOU.

Tell me which one(s) you’re excited to try first. Enjoy!