The Power of Your WHY

The Power of Your WHY

Your WHY will grab their attention.

Last Fall, I attended an event powered by Purest Academy for Kids, which spotlighted people who were doing amazing things in the community. Below, I'm pictured with the founder and event host, Nicole Austin.

Toward the end of the event, Nicole asked me to come up and share a little about my children's book. When I got up there, I shared my WHY:

WHY was I inspired to write the story?

WHY does it matter to me?

WHY should it matter to them?

So after I did my spiel, I went to the kitchen area to get some food before the caterers started packing up. A woman saw me in there and told me how my story was so inspiring. She shared that she wears wigs because she doesn't like her hair due to a self-esteem crushing experience she had as a child (a woman mistakenly thought she was a boy and told her she was going to the wrong bathroom). She started crying and said she's not ready to show her hair yet.

I told her she's not alone -- we all struggle with some level of insecurity and when we're finally ready, it will not only be a liberating experience for ourselves, but it will inspire others to step out and live their lives undimmed.

This is an example of the impact you can have on others with your story. Do not underestimate the power of your WHY. My story had nothing to do with hair shame -- it was about my insecurity of having a huge birthmark. But it still struck a cord with this woman, so much so that it brought her to tears because why? My story, my why -- was relatable. Though there were differences in our journeys, she could see a variation of herself in my story. You'll want to create that same experience for your audience. Just as how we're advised to have our elevator pitch down pat, we should be able to communicate our whys seamlessly. It is the key that grabs your audience's attention. Make it count.

There are people out there waiting to connect with your story. You just have to be audacious enough to share it, and share it relentlessly.

What's your story? What elements of You, Inc. are you willing to share with the world this year and beyond?